Bcrypt password cracking extremely slow? Not if you are using hundreds of FPGAs!

Cracking classic hashes

Advanced hashes

Meet bcrypt

Figure 1: bcrypt work factors in breach data
Figure 2: bcrypt hash rates, CPU versus GPU

FPGAs to the rescue

Figure 3: bcrypt hash rates

From proof of concept to production v1

Figure 4: proof of concept / production v1 setup
Figure 5: from zero to (datacenter) hero

Production v2

Figure 6: simplified design with 6 boards per row (x3 rows)
Figure 7: the first completed production v2 setup
Figure 8: USB chips
Figure 9: a new set of bcrypt v2 crackers ready for production
Figure 10: performance and power usage of a v2 cracker



Find Your Hacked Passwords - Prevent Account Takeover.

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